Stress . Bye Bye my love . Hello my friend !

My first time to done a such well project ! LOL .
I finished it in one day , the additional project , kill me .

Hari Sukan . Happy with friend .

KISS MY ASS BABE . Too boring , haha .

Hehe . my mother and my boyfriend ! throwback long time ago .

He is cute :$ I'm so fat . kill me bah !

Celebrate Looi Looi birthday ! We here are the sister ! LOVE YA

Got the feel ? went to petrosains with schoolmate .

The LV stores design . so cute .

She know me well , because we are LEO

realise how stupid we are haha , my boyfriend :*

Purple me . its UV light , omg

Finished my mid.year exam , well trial is coming soon , make me so excited until can't sleep ! haha !

Maybe I have no idea with what's going on between us . I appreciate this 2 years we have a relationship in  school life . I'll keep you in my heart . Bye Bye . my love .


Lont time no see , miss me ? hahaha

 The first time take photo with her ! spot me ? haha

Ipoh padang gotong royong day !!! damn hot man ! back to school gotong royong -.-
Later aeon with friends and dear ! :)

AEON !!! :D celebrate ah beh birthday at nando's :)
* HUI CHUN at school ! have a happy day :)
take a lot photo with friends !

Went penang ! The hotel is facing to sea , the sunrise is beutiful !

Lazy text !!! bahbye


Holiday ?

Have a happy day yesterday with BECKY LOO PEI QI hahaha !
We decided to do revision in my house
Then ... HAHAHAHA lot of excuses
too boring so she leave early ! :(
Have too many photo to upload so lazy so din upload hahaha -.-

So boring this few days ! I know it's time to read
Bcaz form5 life is comng near and near !
But I'm really too lazy !

Haiz I just wanted to sleep and eat ! that's enough ! ^^

My biao jie gave me some old cloth
nice to wear haha i like it !




Yesterday waked up at 5am ! den start my journey to penang -.-
Actually want to accompany my mom go to sunway meeting .
We went there about 8something .
Before that we ate cha ciu bao and fishball inside the car HAHA
After sent mom to sunway , my dad and I went for breakfast
GOSH ! I just finish cha xiu bao now eat 粿条汤 again?!
*粿条汤means 河喜 in ipoh :)
I dun dare to regret my dad so i ate a bowl -.-
So FULL !!
den we went to relatives house , my dad take a nap at there ,
Nearly 1pm ah keat , one of my relatives went wif us to eat again -.-
We went to 西刀林 , a famous restaurent there .
I din eat caz I'm still full and feel like wanna vomit -.-
After that my dad fetch me to jusco and shopping -.-
MR.KL dun let me buy thing -.- more boring
I saw many pretty thing attracted my eye !!!!
den go eat MCD about 4pm
I have a large french fries , an ice cream and a coke !
den we went to sunway shopping mall ,
we go in i saw a watch shop and i call dad go in take a look ,
I saw a watch so nice but so expensive , cost 200 ++
My dad said he will buy for me after SPM exam ,
the brand call ICE .
and a adidas watch ! fcukin nice !!

just went out the shop den my mom call my dad said finish meeting ,
fetched my mom den sent ah keat back to his home break for awhile ,
den we went to take away our dinner .

Start the journey back to home ,
I heard music by earphone den fall asleep -.-
I was too tired !!!!!
after i waked up is still on high way -.-
DAMN ! have a jam in high way ! you saw bfor ?-.-
LOL ! angry dou bao !!!
we went home at 10 something ,
I ate my dinner and bath ,
Help my mom wash dishes as keep fit HAHAHA.
After finish all this nearly 12am ,
I went up and chat wif him for awhile
He said he will go to THAILAND and 1st of december ..
and starting tommorow cannot chat wif me caz wan working .

den i slept .

He really din reply me this morning ! Just said morning den go work .. and byebye -.-
WTF ? I'm still alone in the morning
NO HIM , NO FAMILY , hey .. where is my fren ?
OH.. they busying prepare for their trip to genting ..


I like he ! The big-nose door "
The door of beuty and the beast !

well , I had nothing to do recently -.-
just tuition and sleep and eat and BS and bath ..
That's all ! not like others can go to trip with their family :(
Yesterday english lesson i just learned a word - GRIN
means smile ! dunno why i just remember this word ,
mayb it's meaningful too me ?

Last night fight with him again ..
why ?

later still hae tuition ! 2.30-7.00 !
INSANE ? -.-
But can meet him at 5.30 - 7.00



Wake up in the morning ! start my new boring day .
It's a family day caz today is Sunday ! :)
But my dad had his part time ! no chance .
I have my family day without dad .
Go to stadium have my breakfast , saw my neighbour ,
the aunty just keep chit chat with my mom -.- BORING

Then my brother go booked court ,
He booked tuesday , I booked monday -.-
My mom sibeh beh song ! HAHAHA
She say we are evilllll  ! XD

I went home and lie on the sofa !
I;m to lazy -.- like a PIG
then have a fight with him again !
I really really angry that time ! ARGHH !
then i dun bother him go sleep ! sleep for 3 hours -.-
after i wake up is 5 something ,
watch the TV den having dinner outside !
I ate too much until I'm full ! cannot even walk one step -.-
I have eaten 瓦煲鸡饭..taste not bad but too much for me -.-
My bro dun wan eat !!! He just keep thinking his computer !
Then me and my mom just eat eat eat ! and I fight with my bro !
What the heck ? why am I just keep fighting with anyone bside me?

now I'm just reached home and nothing to do den update my blog !
SHIT DAY ! -.-


Holiday mood on !

Happy holiday to all my friends !!
today is the 1st day of my holiday !
I spent my time to sleeeepppp and eatttt
WHOLE DAY ! hahaha
that's why i bcum fatter and fatter !
so ! I will go badminton with my classmate next monday !!
woohoo ! the people who attend include :
excited !

bfore the holiday . i have a snap with m friends !

Using LKP iphone snap in her class haha !
the three-act cute boy !

We have a trip to chemistry department and geological muzium !
It is a nice memory for me ! I love 4s3 ! :)
that's the pic i have with my friend haha ! :

the picture i liked most ! caz I'm look thin in it ! HAHA !
next :

At Tan Siew Pui teacher's house !

I din go that day :(

Stop here ! byebye !